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Tug for Two Going South


Captain Loving had all the Backyakkers up and going at dawn today, bound for Wrightsville Beach, NC.   Something i had never experienced nor really planned for was having to "time" one's arrival at a series of bridges which open at fixed times (hourly, on the hour and half hour, etc.).  So we were all full-bore trying to make a 9 o'clock opening -- and we did.  Then, push on for the next bridge, an 11 o'clock opening -- worked again.   Then . . . well, literally drift for nearly one hour with current and occasional engine power carrying us about 5 miles to the next bridge, an hourly one.  About 8 boats jockeyed around trying to hold their places and not run into one another.  Some of the captains knew precisely how far, how fast, etc. to time the opening.   Worked again.   We passed some beautiful homes, looking out across marsh grass and sand dunes, homes, and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.  All during our trip there were small (18-25' fishing boats) running by us.  When we cleared the Wrightsville Beach Bridge we were greeted by some huge sportfishermen (these are boats, not individuals!).  We entered a creek which brought us to our anchorage, near another bridge and with easy access to downtown Wrightsville Beach.   There are about 30 boats anchored in here tonight.   The best one we saw when we entered the anchorage was one of our own -- Fandango (Chris and Colin).   We dinghyed over to the dinghy dock; walked around the very small shopping area; went to the beach; took a group picture; and had margaritas and Mexican food at a lively local eatery.  For the first time since some of our group left Annapolis the day after the annual BCYC crab feast, all of the BCYC South fleet was together!

btw:  somewhere along the way today, the water became a beautiful green color.  And tonight, the lights from nearby houses, hotels, the boats, and the bridge are reflecting on what is, for now, a glassy smooth water surface.

One other thing:  today is Veteran's Day.  And as a sign of our generation of cruisers, all of the men were military veterans.   Yesterday, anchored at Camp Lejeune -- Semper Fi, y'all. 

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