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Fandango trip south

12 Nov 2012 4:39 PM | Colin Soucy
It is great having the entire flotilla together at last.  Colin and I spent one night in Wilmington, NC while Quaich and Indy waited for Tug For Two and Compass Rose to arrive in Mile Hammock Bay.  For those who have not stopped there, Wilmington is a very nice city.  We tied up at the City Dock and were treated to a concert.  Across the river. an Oyster Fest was in full swing with live rock and roll bands playing all afternoon and late into the night.  We walked around town and toured the railroad museum and then settled in for the night.  We were awakened at 0310 by a soft thump-bump, squeak-squeaka-squeak!  Colin was up like a shot and I followed closely behind.  He turned on the lights and I struggled with the door.  There was a thief on the boat trying to steal our dinghy!  He immediately jumped off of the boat and ran as fast as his legs could carry him down the dock, up the ramp and over the gate.  Now, on retrospect, it might have an awful lot of fun for us if we had instead sneaked stealthily up and watched him.  Colin's method of securing the dinghy is rather convoluted and not easy...but the best part was this:  the dinghy had a leak and it was only half inflated.  Once the fool got the boat in the water, presumably, he would have hopped in to start the motor only to find that it wouldn't float and find himself awash.  I envisioned grabbing the boathook and keeping him away from shore and Fandango's stern steps until the police arrived.  Heh-heh.  But...I guess it was better the way it ended up.
Today, the entire fleet is together at the Southport Marina and we are planning to watch "Cape Fear".   Should be a lot of fun.


  • 18 Nov 2012 8:15 PM | Michelle Sanger
    Wow! First I've heard of domestic crime, but times are desperate! U and Colin are truly amazing, like pioneers afloat! So glad the Wilsons told us to catch up on all ur blogs at BCYC website.
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