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17 Nov 2012 5:26 PM | Colin Soucy
Fandango and crew remained in Charleston, SC for two days so that we could visit with Colin's sister.  We had a great time with her and enjoyed our brief time on land as landlubbers.  Even though we were off the boat and on solid ground, I swear the ground was moving!  Saturday morning, we left for Beaufort, SC, at 0830 and had a good run with a following current instead of the usual foul tide, and made it to Beaufort by 1:30!  The current and wind was stiff but cooperated during the docking process and no boats or egos were damaged.  It is nice to have a fleet-footed little boat!!!


  • 18 Nov 2012 8:35 PM | Michelle Sanger
    I remember the land sickness too, Chris! Regarding the grasses, it was even weirder looking in GA, and the serpentine paths thru them was insane (but all so beautiful)! Try to stay warm, esp ur heads and feet. Enjoy, M&R
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