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03 Jan 2013 4:50 PM | John Loving

Pam and I would like to wish all BakYakkers a very Happy New Year.  Please excuse any typos as it is difficult to type on this iPad… the sunscreen makes my fingers slippery!

Now that the Mayans have been proven wrong and the clock struck midnight on Monday, the new “Bridge” voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting have assumed their offices.  Your new officers are:                                                 

Commodore:                      John Loving

Vice Commodore:               Bill Kranzer

Rear Commodore:               Bob Higginbotham

Fleet Captain:                     Guy Collins

Secretary:                          Bonnie Hetzel

Treasurer:                           Mary Bowie


Board of Governors:              Ted Edmunds

                                           Jamie Ritter

                                           Shay Collins   

                                           Mary Ross

                                           Terry Bidnick

                                           Colin Soucy

 Appointed Chairs:                Juliana Nedd [Cruise/Water Events]

                                          Rosie Cavin [Social/Land Events]

                                          J.J. Sullivan [Membership Committee]

                                          Mary Bowie [Finance Committee]

A special note of “thanks” upon their departure (from the Bridge) to now Past Commodore Steve Bacon, past Fleet Captain John Yates and past Secretary Karen Kranzer.  Also, Dale Schultz and J.J. Sullivan completed a three year “tour” on the Board of Governors.  Thank you all for your time, ideas and guidance.  Steve completed a “four year run” from Fleet Captain through Commodore and BCYC owes him a tremendous debt of gratitude for all he has done for us.

2013 promises to be another fun-filled year of social events and cruising on our own Chesapeake Bay.  Before the shrink wrap and anti-freeze are removed and Guy Collins starts “Captaining the Fleet”, Bob Higginbotham and Rosie Cavin have a number of great winter events in store.

Speaking of the Mayans, Jamie Ritter is hosting a “The Beginning of the Next Mayan Calendar” Happy Hour on Friday, Jan 11th These “Ritter Happy Hours” are always a fun way to end the work week or start the weekend.

The 11th Commodore’s Ball wraps up January on the 26th Rosie has put together a fantastic evening at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis.  We also have a new band this year I am sure you will enjoy.  The Annapolis based band, “A Classic Case” has played at the last four Kadey Krogen Chesapeake Rendezvous and really know how to fill the dance floor.  Pam and I will be flying back to Annapolis for the event and we hope to see all of you there. 

*** "Compass Rose", "Quaich", "Fandango", "Tug For Two" & "Indy".

See ya Up the Creek (at the Westin)!


John Loving


Back Creek Yacht Club


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