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Reflections on January

31 Jan 2013 1:02 PM | John Loving

Reflections on January…

2013…hard to believe BCYC is eleven years old!  The previous ten Commodores have all left their individual contributions and legacies to the Club.  Thank you all.

Back Creek Yacht Club members started off the year with their individual New Year celebrations and then gathered for winter events:

Jamie Ritter hosted a “Ritter Happy Hour” at her home on January 11th.  Over fifteen BackYakkers gave thanks that the Mayan Calendar was “mis-quoted”. 

The 11th Commodore’s Ball culminated the month as over fifty BackYakkers danced the night away at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis.  Rosie Cavin did a fabulous job putting the whole event together. Thanks to all those volunteers who made everything fall into place.  

The baton was passed to a new Bridge without a shot being fired.  What a great country!

A special thanks to the night’s Emcee, Vern Penner.  His off the cuff and insightful comments added to the evening’s festivities.

Check out the many photos of the Ball on the BCYC web site.  http://www.backcreekyc.org/Default.aspx?pageId=1503222

Your Bridge is already busy planning the events for the year.  Please step up to help with these events.

The recently “chartered” BCYC South held a get together at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart Florida.  Sixteen Snow Yakkers enjoyed dinner and camaraderie under the stars.

"Piracy on the Chesapeake", hosted by Bob and Gail Higginbotham at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, proved to be a unique and educating foray into the many buccaneers who have visited the Chesapeake.

February continues the fun with JJ and Juliana hosting a “Red Wine & Chocolate” on February 9th.  Pat Bernhart is also planning a Mid Week Event on February 20th.

Stay tuned…



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