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Day 9, Tuesday, November 8, 2011

08 Nov 2011 7:15 AM | Jo Rys

MM 159 Hoboken Cut

We slipped in to the Neuse River with Jo behind the wheel following a Tug pushing a barge; we see that everyday--just have to keep in radio contact and know their intentions, stay behind them even if you have to go slow. We're finally able to pass them in a wider area of the river. 

"Another beautiful day on the waterway” sounds like a song title (I have to amuse myself somehow).  Haven’t even touched my knitting or any other things I brought along to amuse myself while Guy and John do the helm.

Thank you Lord for Guy’s help and guidance--sure takes pressure off of us. Guy sees things that need to be taken care of before John or I do.  Those little things out of the way help to get under way sooner. 

Today was a short day:  we arrive In Oriental at 12:20, tied up with the help of the dock masters, checked in, dumped trash, recycling, filled the diesel tank and water tank.  Gave Harmony a bath and vacuumed her inside.  Walked a mile to West Marine and the tiny country grocery, walked back put away all the stuff.  The next order of business was showers for the crew, Happy Hour and dinner about a block away at the MM diner.  Small place but good food, the locals eat there.  Quiet time of reading and working on the Blog, this is a lot of work guys! Getting better at the keyboard; still hit the wrong keys but have found delete and backspace without looking,  also spell check and grammar help.  Now I wish I had taken writing classes in College, sure would help. It is 9PM and time for a little bed reading as well as keeping warm (the nights are cooler).

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