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Out in the Atlantic Ocean again

02 Apr 2012 8:27 PM | Jo Rys

Monday, April 2, 2012, No Name Harbor, outside Miami

Pulled up anchor about 9:30, no wind so we motored all day in the Atlantic Ocean we were in 20 feet of water and could see the bottom, seaweed etc. that was exciting. Also passing all the tall building along the shore of Miami and Hollywood it was amazing to see all the smog above the major cities. I was at the helm when we were approaching the cut at Port Everglades, there were two huge container ships one coming out and one going in the entrance, and we waited a few min for the 17th Street Bridge and entered Lake Sylvia about 3PM, with the anchor down about 3:45.  Time to read and catch up on planning for the next day,

All day on the water looking out for other boats and stuff in the water is tiring, my eyes burn at night.  We fixed a good dinner of Pork tenderloin,( John cooked on the grill) wild rice and asparagus,  did the dishes and called my sister and went to bed.  



  • 04 Apr 2012 9:26 PM | Mary Lotto Ross
    What about cookies? Did you have cookies for dessert? Jo, you are so good with the cookies ;-)
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