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On the Magenta Line again, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

03 Apr 2012 8:28 PM | Jo Rys

Lake Sylvia, 26deg 06.3min, 80deg 03.9 min

Anchor up heading for the first bridge, the Los Olas Blvd Bridge at 9:45 AM.  Today is bridge day, we did 16 bridges in all, what a job that is, coordinating how many miles between the bridges, what time they open and if the boat can make it in the time allowed. We were doing great 14 down and 3 to go, it was hot and we were tired when I thought we were approaching the Ocean Avenue Bridge, when in reality it was the South East Bridge. John was busy with other things, I was doing everything myself the bridge tender became abusive and nasty with me but finally opened his bridge because it was on demand.  Over the radio someone, said, “Get His Last Name”. The last bridge the Lantana Bridge was open for repairs did not have to ask for an opening.

We stopped for the night at Loggerhead Lantana, went straight to the beautiful pool, I swam laps which felt good and we also included a drink in my bag.  Took showers and went out to dinner at “The Old Key Lime Pie House” (great Key Lime Pie) which was a nice walk from the Marina.


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