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One with the Magenta line

04 Apr 2012 12:23 PM | Jo Rys

Loggerhead, Lantana, Florida, N26deg 35.06 & W80deg 02.74te

Left late made our first bridge about 11:45AM only did 10 bridges today.

We found Hobe Sound with out a problem but the wind was blowing something

fierce, it all did not look safe. We chugged around for a while not liking the area,

then I noticed, there was an anchor symbol on the chart (we are using Guy’s charts) about a half a mile farther north in Hobe Sound, we found the perfect spot by a strip of land  protecting us  from the wind coming out of the southeast,

some very nice houses on our left and behind a green Marker on our right,

the exact spot where Guy had the anchor symbol on his chart.  We stayed that way all night did not move. We consumed a lovely dinner watching the sun going

down, other boaters came by and talked to us while they were on their

evening, after dinner boating adventure(something like an evening stroll).

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