"It's all about the people"


One with the Magenta line

10 Apr 2012 2:29 PM | Jo Rys

Mosquito lagoon MM860 / 26deg35.5 min, 80deg03.9 min

It was windy at first but the wind died down and we slept quite soundly last night.  Anchor up 8:45AM and we carefully felt our way out of the area from the anchor, very shallow in this until we made our way to the main channel which is very narrow at that.  Today was a very nice day not too hot with a nice breeze blowing, most of the channel is very narrow and only about 9 to 1l feet, “we are one with the magenta line”.  We took a picture of a sail boat that was 75 feet off the channel lying on it side, very sad it was.  We arrived at Cement Plant a little cannel off the ICW, (They actually make Sea Rays there now) about 4:14 after I raved about our anchoring yesterday, we had to set the anchor 3 times today.    Dinner tonight is salad with broken Burgers on top. 


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