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Dolphins,Dolphins everywhere

11 Apr 2012 2:32 PM | Jo Rys
Cement Plant Cannel MM809.1 / 29deg29.8 min, 81deg08.9 min
I woke up cold, and found a blanket thief, all the covers were not me, got up and checked around went back to bed for a few more ZZZ, the weather is getting cooler, especiallly during the night.  We left the Sea Ray plant aka Cement Plant about 9AM, I managed to turn us around and get us headed towards the ICW, to find some dept to the water, wow that felt good, do not like skinny water.  Coming unto the Matanzas River a strange cloud was hanging over the river, found out later there are some forest fires in the area little pieces of ash were floating in the air.  We came up to the Bridge of Lions behind a shrimp boat, had to wait for some silly sail boaters having trouble on the other side of the bridge to come thru, just as it was our turn to go thru a rude power boater comes charging out from the Municipal Marina right in front of us and charges ahead, when he gets to the other side of the bridge with us on his tail he slows down and starts playing with his towing dingy, what an experience.  Earlier we decided to go to the Conch House Marina and we were glad we did much quieter then the Municipal Marina.   We arrived about 2PM there were dolphins chasing fish in the fareway between the docks, jumping and swimming all around, great fun. We went ashore and toured the Light House and grounds well worth the visit, while on Anastasia Island, it is one of the few light houses, people are allowed to climb. Found a little grocery and picked up some running low items, we had dinner at the Conch House Restaurant, washed down the boat and took shore showers.

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