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leaving Florida enter Georgia, Fernandina Marina, MM716.8

14 Apr 2012 7:23 PM | Jo Rys

30deg40.2min. 81deg28.0min


Harmony had a good exit from the marina, backing out into very open area towards the shrimp boats, nice and deep had a compliment by a police boat saying" he liked seeing a sailboater theat knows how to handle his boat" the exits are not always as good as that one. Traveled through some very rough spots, St. Mary’s entrance of the Cumberland Sound (we are now in Georgia). Thu Kings Bay where there are markers that do not make sense to the incorrectly charted area of Kings Bay the books said to ignore the chart plotter and follow the markers sticking close to the greens, thanks goodness for the books That is why we need to do hours of homework before we take off each day, also the markers changed to river markers and back to ICW markers (that happens frequently). Arrived at Jekyll Island at 3:30 tied up and had a coke to relax before we went ashore.  Walked to the Historic area saw some of the Old houses that were the summer homes of the rich and famous such as Goodyear, Marshall Fields, Joseph Pulitzer, William K. Vanderbilt and J P Morgan to name a few, they formed a club called Jekyll Island Club.  The Island was prized for its “sense of splendid isolation”   as well as its beautiful modern sea side resort which at the time was still a novelty.  Members experienced levels of luxury and service that were remarkable, even by today standards.  Wish we did our research before we went there, we would have allowed more time to see things everything closed at 5PM. We could not get into the Main dinning room because John was in Shorts.  The Old inn is stately to this day and well maintained now it is a Hotel with a pool and all the amenities,  lovely grounds, some of the old houses still remain, built as cottages we laughed, bigger then most our houses today.  We had dinner and were able to catch a ride with the Hotel Shuttle. Watched some more of John Adams and went to bed.


  • 19 Apr 2012 1:43 PM | JohnBoy
    The markers are there to confuse the sub chasers!
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