"It's all about the people"


Thunderbolt, Savannah Georgia MM583

19 Apr 2012 9:58 AM | Jo Rys

31deg49.0, 81deg08.1

Our start time was 8:45, short day cloudy and cooler, shorts and sweatshirts are the dress of the day. Hopefully it will warm up as the day goes on and perhaps the sun will come out but this area of the country really needs rain. The swamps of Georgia and South Carolina are very twisty and windy one can see a boat coming miles away because the windy, curly waterway. I read somewhere that the 100 miles of waterway in GA becomes 150 miles because you are traversing back and forth in a snake like fashion.  Our next stop Beaufort, SC. we arrived about 3PM went a shore and took a carriage ride thru the old town, saw some lovely old buildings, the movies Forest Gump, The Great Santini (I never saw the movie but I read the book years ago) and The Big Chill were filmed in Beaufort Of course Beaufort is just North of Parris Island where 19,000 male and female Marines are trained every year. Beaufort (pronounced Bew-furt is named after the Duke of Beaufort.  By the way we saw the Indeprendence again in Beaufort that is the 4th time, Fernandina, Crescent River, Savannah, Beaufort, and again in Charleston.


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