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Toms Point River MM496

21 Apr 2012 10:29 AM | Jo Rys


We woke up to high tide and the boat being half in the weeds or swamp grasses but we were reading 9 feet, he pulled in some chain and  we came out a little and finished our breakfast.

When John was on the bow pulling the anchor in for good this time, a dolphin was swimming all around the bow of the boat; taking advantage of the slack tide, John said, for a while the dolphin swam with the boat as we were taking off going out of the long channel, (I could not see the bow from the helm). That was so cool to be so close, the channel was very narrow about 150feet wide, (he, she) was so close we could hear them breath as they surfaced for air.  The rest of the day was about normal Elliott’s cut was exciting rushing current and 15 min wait for the bridge. In the current the bridge tender was a afraid we wonder off and not be ready for his opening.  Just after we arrived in Charleston Harbor the Independence (our 5th time seeing them since Fernandina) took off from the dock headed to Elliott’s cut, happy we did not have to encounter them in Elliott’s cut, it is deep but not all that wide for passing them.  Had dinner ashore, watched TV and went to bed.


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