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Good and bad days on the ICW

26 Apr 2012 2:51 PM | Jo Rys

Thursday, April 26 2012

Thoroughfare Creek Anchorage MM388.8



We had a very exciting day, we passed a small catamaran, then we were passed (all going North) by a large power boat from Canada. He hogged the whole narrow channel, then coming toward us from the other direction were two large Shrimp boats,he still hogged the channel made them mover over, we were over as far as we could but still had plenty of water. We followed him to the Socastee  Bridge he is still hogging the middle, he started to back up in to us which pushed us into the mud, we were stuck, the bridge opened and I yelled into the mike “this is Harmony we are in the mud,” out from a little marina at the edge of the bridge came two sea dues,(I will try not to Cuss at them again) they pulled us out,  the Bridge tender held the bridge for us and he apologized for holding the bridge so long. We were finally on our way but not to far down the ditch what do we see but a tug pushing a large barge coming toward us.  We pulled over as far as we could and let him pass he was so close I felt I could reach out and touch him, not much room this all happened at the beginning of the Rock pile. There are two different opinions about where the rock pile starts one book says one thing and another has a different Idea, oh well.

Any way this was before Barefoot Landing Marina, where we spent the night, across from the free dock (No more free dock). Pull in To the Marina because of  amenities(showers etc) and walked across the bridge to the shopping center checked out some shops and had dinner at Greg Normans, Australian Grill looking at Harmony across the ICW. Headed back to Harmony our floating Home.

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