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Fandango trip south

15 Nov 2012 4:18 PM | Colin Soucy
Southport.  Colin and Bill Falk watched football on Tug For Two while the rest of the gang gathered on Fandango to watch Cape Fear.  Karen brought popped corn and an amazing array of candies and we settled down to watch the film.  The consensus of the group was that the remake with Robert DeNiro is much scarier than the original with Mitchum.  We all noted that the emotion and clue to what was going to happen next was signaled by the appropriate music score.  It was a lot of fun regardless.
Falks and the Soucys ate dinner at the nearby Fishy-Fishy restaurant while the others gathered for some of Pam Loving's delicious shrimp and grits.  We all should be gaining weight on this trip because the gals are terrific gormet cooks!
Leaving Southport, the group anchored out in the Wacoma River.  Fandango leaped ahead and scouted the area and staked out an anchorage until the rest of the flotilla arrived.  Dinner was held on Indy and as always, the food was superb.  The camaraderie and wine flowed easily and all had a good time.  The next morning we cruised all day and anchored out in Awendaw Creek.  When Fandango arrived, the tide was low...we had 10 feet under our keel but by morning there was 17 and the 4 foot bank was GONE! We could see the grasses poking up which made the area look like you could navigate between it and what looked like a grassy pasture...but in reality, you would be trying to cruise over land, not the cove.  It was windy, cold, and rainy.  Indy remained behind for an additional 30 minutes or so to take advantage of the lowering tide.  The rest of us proceeded toward Charleston, SC.  The evening on the creek was okay, but in the wee hours of the night, I had to get up to check the anchor to assure myself that we were not dragging anchor nor any other mischief was afoot.  There were the most unusual groans and thuds and squeaks that set my imagination to flight.  We are at Charleston now berthed next to Tug For Two.  Indie and Quaich are also safely in port with us.  The weather is not good for walking about the town...also, we are 8 miles from town because, due to a Regatta, there were no other options closer to town.  Colin and I will spend two nights here, visiting with his sister.  The group is going to leave tomorrow.  The plan for us, is to catch up with them in Beaufort, SC.  Hope the weather improves.  I am tired of being cold and wet...well, actually, it is warm, dry and pleasant inside Fandango, but the crew (me) has to to go outside the boat to handle lines and such.  Who'd a thought?


  • 15 Nov 2012 5:00 PM | Juliana Nedd
    Hi Colin and Chris,
    Just letting you know some of us are reading your happenings. Glad to know all is well. Have a Happy New Year. JJ and I will be in Bend, OR.
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