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"Compass Rose" Southbound

15 Nov 2012 8:25 PM | John Loving

This is our eleventh trip on the ICW (five round trips plus this one) and it has not been the ‘normal’ trip south for us.  First, Hurricane Sandy held everyone in place for 4-5 days.  Then the next Nor’easter put another hold on the southbound trip for 3 days.  Weather is always a variable on the water but a hurricane in November?  Still we feel very fortunate after the devastation and despair in NJ and NY.


We have had the great good fortune to travel in company with the Falk’s (“Tug For Two”), Yates (“Indy”), Kranzer’s (“Quaich”) and Soucy’s (“Fandango”) on this trip.  It is always enjoyable to cruise with another boat but doubly (or quadrupley) so when we have been such long time friends.


We are south of Charleston, SC having slogged against the current for most of the last two days.  Going through Elliott Cut just south (actually west) of Charleston, we encountered a strong ebbing current.  With the diesel at almost full power, we were able to make 3 kts!  Thought we would never get through it.  We are now over half-way to Stuart, FL.

John and Pam


  • 18 Nov 2012 8:46 PM | Michelle Sanger
    So glad ur newbies have u to guide them with ur past experiences and ever-present compassion! It is slightly bone chilling and windy up here at Kent Narrows. Missing u all, but starting our drive South hopefully around the 12th! See you soon?
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