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Tug for Two Going South


Nov. 21 -- had a nice ride thru the Georgia marsh, navigating some "skinny" (viz., very shallow) water along the way.  Saw the north end of St. Simons Island where we lived briefly when I was working on Rooted in Place.  G and I used to see boats on the ICW from our breakfast window but we couldn't see our old house from the water!  Stayed "inside" (in the ICW v. going in the ocean) behind Jeckyll Island, a place made famous by the scions of American industry, many of whom built winter retreats there.  Went thru the "Umbrella Cut" to continue avoiding the ocean.   A big highlight of the day was going by the St. Marys, Ga submarine facility.  Didn't see any subs underway but did see one docked -- very menacing looking.   We all wondered how many subs are active in America's fleet.  A second highlight to the day was seeing Compass Rose already anchored by Cumberland Island.  We got anchored and dinghyed over to the island.  Walked over to the beach which has huge sand dunes and few people.  The island was given to the country by the Carnegie family, more industrial tycoons from the same era as Jeckyll Island's folks.  Tomorrow, Thanksgiving.

Nov. 22 -- we all (4 boats worth) dinghyed over to the island and hiked and hiked and hiked.  Saw the ruins from the Carnegie's island home which had burned down in 1959 (but had no one living in it for about 40 years).  Saw wild turkeys (which were right near us), wild horses, wild armadillos, wild . . . well, you get it.  Dinghyed back in seas made rough by strong northerly winds (which had also made it impossible to get a good night's sleep).  Miraculously, the winds died so dinghying over to Quaich for dinner was painless.   Fabuous meal!   We all agreed:   we had/have much to be thankful for, not least of wll getting the privilege of owning nice boats and traveling with wonderful people. 

Today:  finally, Florida!  We can see it from here!!!

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