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2001: In the Beginning

BCYC is Born...

The first meeting of the “Yet-to-be-Named” Yacht Club was held on Sunday, December 9, 2001 at the Eastport Democratic Club. There were 39 prospective members in attendance. The first order of business was to elect a Chair Pro Tem (subsequently elected by acclamation as the club’s Founding Commodore, John Campbell.) John led the group through an aggressive agenda to begin the process of standing up a new and fully functioning yacht club with a full calendar of events in 2002. By the end of the meeting, the club had a number of committees with tasks to be accomplished over the next three months:

Membership (Chair Pat Thayer) – Create a Mission Statement and plan for recruiting members

By-Laws (Chair Lee Reno) – Gather by-laws from other clubs to serve as benchmark for creation of the new club’s by-laws

Calendar (Chair Paula Thayer) – Develop a calendar of activities for 2002

Communications (Chair Claudia Evans) – Develop a newsletter and web site

Facilities (Chair Jeff Wagner) – Identify and reserve venues for future club events

Rendezvous (Parties) (Chair Harriet Lytle) Coordinate planning of events

Racing (Chair Steve Kenyon) – Explore interest/feasibility of having a racing program

Money and Budget (Chair Bruce Miller) – Establish fees and collect for events until proper accounts and officers are in place

Name That Club and Design Burgee (Chair Tom Coan) – Conduct a contest to name the club and design a burgee – results to be determined at the March 2002 meeting.

A new yacht club was born!

Two months later, much had been accomplished when 61 prospective members convened again at the Eastport Democratic Club on February 9th. Highlights of that meeting:

  • Pat Thayer presented a draft document outlining a description of Founding Members and Regular Members. All memberships will be on a family/household basis.
  • Lee Reno presented draft by-laws to be approved at the next meeting – these interim by-laws would serve until a General Membership meeting in November, at which time permanent by-laws would be established.
  • Paula Thayer presented a calendar of events for the year – to be posted on the club Web site.
  • Jeff Wagner had reserved venues for several upcoming club events – principally at the Eastport Democratic Club.
  • Harriet Lytle had developed a budget for parties for the Money/Budget Committee.
  • Wally Stone was named chair of the On-Water Rendevous Committee.
  • Steve Kenyon reported on plans for a racing-oriented education program.
  • Tom Coan discussed progress on the Name-the-Club/Design-the-Burgee contests and promised results at the next meeting.
  • Claudia Evans announced the club had a newly designed Web site.
  • JoAnne Norton presented a $7,000 budget to fund activities for the first year. It was agreed the club would establish a $100 membership initiation fee and $100/year dues.
  • John Campbell announced formation of a Nominating Committee that would post a slate of officers and Board of Governors on the Club Web Site by March 2nd – to be voted upon at the next meeting on March 16th.

Founding Commodore John Campbell successfully met his goals and objectives and turned over the reins of the club to the new Commodore, Pat Thayer, at the meeting on March 16th. Elected as the first Officers of the club were:

  • Commodore – Pat Thayer
  • Vice Commodore – Larry Kelly
  • Rear Commodore – Harriet Lytle
  • Fleet Captain – Jill Sawhney
  • Treasurer – Bruce Miller
  • Secretary – Claudia Evans
  • Board of Governors – Wally Stone, Dan Kennedy, Evan Barnett, Kirk McGowan, JoAnne Norton, Sandy Wagner

At this time the club became officially known as Back Creek Yacht Club and had 44 Founding Members.

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