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Day 11, Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Nov 2011 8:59 AM | Jo Rys

MM 244-Mile,  Hammock, Camp Lejeune, NC-Carolina Beach NC, 8AM

Another beautiful day on the waterway! We slept in this morning didn’t get underway until 8AM; almost everyone else has left the anchorage. This morning is warmer, the condensation on the boat was not as bad and not as hard as it has been to get out of a nice warm bed, change into cold, damp clothing (at least everything feels damp) sometimes I just put my sweats over my Jammies to help pull up the anchor and change later.  Guy and John have shorts on today perhaps later as it warms up I will be able to do so, did put on a light weight T shirt with a heavy fleece on top, to pull up the anchor.  Harmony is humming along thru the water; we have a few bridges today. We caught the gaggle (I call the collection of boats the gaggle) at the Surf city swing bridge MM273--10 boats went thru with us.

We passed thru Surf City, Top Sail Beach, Figure Eight Bridge, and Wrightsville Beach Bridge. (Think I stopped in Wrightsville Beach in '95) We had to wait for the 1PM Bridge for about 20 min. Wrightsville is a very busy area it is a burgeoning water-oriented community.  Boating is what makes the place tick, and the activities throughout its waterways are perhaps greater here than in any other NC region.  Money island and Money Point (reputedly Capt. Kidd’s hidey-holes in the later 1600’s) are located just south of Wrightsville Creek; they were perfect hiding places for pirates. Legend has it pirates hid their loot in these islands until the early 1700’s. (Nothing ever found except unearthed mastodon bones)

Anchor down at 3Pm in Carolina beach, a small anchorage off ICW. We had stir-fry for dinner, bread and yes Guy loves the cookies. Everything was calm until about 6PM when the wind picked; up we read for a while, John put on the anchor alarm.  Guy woke to the anchor alarm and a boat dragging into us, John and Guy (thank God for Guy) stayed up until 2AM trying to get a good hold on the anchor and putting out more scope, and the wind died a little   One boat had to hauled off a sand bar by Boat US. The guys kept us safe; needless to say no one got much sleep, not even me, but I did keep  warm staying out of the way.


  • 15 Nov 2011 10:33 AM | Juliana
    Well that made for a bit of excitement, nice to know the anchor alarm worked.
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