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Commodore’s October 21, 2019 Newsletter to the BCYC Membership

21 Oct 2019 9:18 PM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

The October 20, 2019 “Special BOG” voted approval of changes to our 2020 Flag Officers slate, necessitated by the resignation of Chuck Kahle as Vice Commodore. Chuck has been tasked to attend to intense family matters due to the loss of his brother. Chuck and Ann will continue to be active members of our BCYC family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

I have spoken with each Flag Officer affected by these changes and am pleased to report all are in full agreement with these changes and will execute their respective duties. I believe BCYC will continue to maintain a solid Bridge of officers and be in full readiness as we navigate this ship into the 2020 New Year.

The 2020 flag officers revised slate is as follows:
Commodore:  Tom Bernhart
Vice Commodore:  Tim Feldmann
Rear Commodore:  Terry Bidnick
Fleet Captain:  Justin Tindale

Terry Bidnick has stepped up to fill in as Rear Commodore for the year 2020 only. 

Ben Wilson, BCYC Commodore
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