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Adventures of Obiewan and Jo

This blog chronicles the Winter 2011-2012 adventures of John Oberright and Jo Rys as they head South For The Winter.  Any BCYC member can comment on their postings.  It's a great way to keep in touch!
  • 29 Apr 2012 5:40 PM | Jo Rys

    Yacht Basin Eatery, Southport, NC MM309.0

    N33deg55.1, W78deg1.5

    We waited around for slack tied because of the swift current

    To do the Cape Fear River that was a little deice and shallow  plus two large tankers passed us going the other way we were in the ICW part and they in the channel another tough ride was Carolina Beach State Park and Snows Cut Watching the depth gage all the time and fighting the Current. Carolina Beach Anchorage is were we stayed last fall and dragged in the middle of the night.  I was happy to pass it and head for Wrightsville beach that has a great anchorange but a little difficult to get to because of shoaling but we never saw anything lower than 6feet going in.   Lovely open area with about 8 other boats anchored, the only problem was small power boats on a Sunday afternoon buzzing all around but that stopped after the sun started to go down.  We had a quiet dinner and OK sunset (there were clouds on the Horizon) thought there might be some rain. Good quiet nights sleep, protection from the tall buildings along the Ocean side and houses on the ICW side there is also a good Marina there.Still  seeing dolphins.

    Days end Wrightsville Beach, NC

  • 28 Apr 2012 5:37 PM | Jo Rys

    Barefoot landing Marina

    We took off about 8:45 after fuel and Ice,  a very uneventful day a few bridges and the rock pile, crossed into North Carolina  We pulled into Southport about 2:15, John found a restaurant that had docks and would let us stay the night if we had dinner there.  We walked in to town, darling little town, cute shops the kind Annapolis should have instead of all the chain stores. We had a wonderful dinner met the owner/Chef Bill and partner Jill, his sauces were to die for.  I asked for his recipes and No luck (his secret).  The restaurant closed about 10:15 and all was quiet.  They opened on Sunday morning at 11 and we were never disturbed.

    end of the day Yacht Basin Eatery

  • 27 Apr 2012 5:36 PM | Jo Rys

    Barefoot Landing Marina MM353.7

    N33deg48.0, W78.deg44.8

    We stayed an extra day because the winds were high and we needed a break. We walked across the bridge and to the left to a nice new Grocery store called, Buy Low and did some easy things to carry. I went to the shopping center and picked up some gifts for family, Birthdays coming up. We went to the Pool and a storm came over that didn’t last long ant showered did some laundry and had a drink and Horserdeves at the Restaurant at the Marina.  We watched a movie and went to Bed.

  • 26 Apr 2012 2:51 PM | Jo Rys

    Thursday, April 26 2012

    Thoroughfare Creek Anchorage MM388.8



    We had a very exciting day, we passed a small catamaran, then we were passed (all going North) by a large power boat from Canada. He hogged the whole narrow channel, then coming toward us from the other direction were two large Shrimp boats,he still hogged the channel made them mover over, we were over as far as we could but still had plenty of water. We followed him to the Socastee  Bridge he is still hogging the middle, he started to back up in to us which pushed us into the mud, we were stuck, the bridge opened and I yelled into the mike “this is Harmony we are in the mud,” out from a little marina at the edge of the bridge came two sea dues,(I will try not to Cuss at them again) they pulled us out,  the Bridge tender held the bridge for us and he apologized for holding the bridge so long. We were finally on our way but not to far down the ditch what do we see but a tug pushing a large barge coming toward us.  We pulled over as far as we could and let him pass he was so close I felt I could reach out and touch him, not much room this all happened at the beginning of the Rock pile. There are two different opinions about where the rock pile starts one book says one thing and another has a different Idea, oh well.

    Any way this was before Barefoot Landing Marina, where we spent the night, across from the free dock (No more free dock). Pull in To the Marina because of  amenities(showers etc) and walked across the bridge to the shopping center checked out some shops and had dinner at Greg Normans, Australian Grill looking at Harmony across the ICW. Headed back to Harmony our floating Home.

  • 25 Apr 2012 3:47 PM | Jo Rys

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Graham Creek, South Carolina MM439


    W079deg 35

    Up early, anchor up at 8:10 and back out the crumb line high tide so all is good except it is cold(sweats, long pants and jackets).  We had to make two tries to get in to the creek yesterday I was very doubtful at first but it was a nice anchorage very quiet and once the wind died down we were well protected by a line of trees along the south side.  We witnessed flashes of lightning but nothing came our way.  Did you notice the crescent moon and Venice were in conjunction, just after sunset last night, very sharp and clear at least where we were, lovely night to be on the hook.  The ICW is straighter on this stretch of South Carolina and easier to navigate, I can be down below more doing my thing rather than using the binoculars spotting marks, or watching the depth as we go along.  Harmony will be in North Carolina tomorrow and will be spend the night at Barefoot landing (no more free dock).   We dropped the hook at 3:15 today feels good when I turn the engine off and we are in quiet mode. Dinner tonight is leftovers, John has some ribs from a few nights ago and I will have some chicken with a salad. The weather finally warmed up a little so we could take off the jackets at least inside the enclosure it was warm.


  • 24 Apr 2012 3:44 PM | Jo Rys

    Charleston City Marina

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Another beautiful, blustery day, the wind just does not seem to stop.

    I forgot to mention this pass weekend was Charleston Race Week and there were boats from all over, some for Australia and England. The English boat across the dock from us changed crew and the new arrivals, were 14 English Army men, training to take the boat north to New York that boat was about 75feet long. We took off about 9:15 and chugged across Charleston Harbor dodging tour boats they were everywhere, the good news, once we entered the ICW it was pretty straight compared to the southern part of South Carolina.  We stopped early today because tomorrow will be a very long day.  I took the opportunity to make Beef Stew which will feed us for a few days. It smells sooo good cooking, and tasted just as good.  We crashed early because of the long day tomorrow, we need our rest and strength. We are in a great anchorage quiet and protected from the wind. 

  • 23 Apr 2012 3:39 PM | Jo Rys

    Monday April 23, 2012

    Charleston SC Mega Dock MM464.5



    Have you checked the Mile Marker we are less than 500 miles!  The weather is sunny but very windy and cold; I took the 10AM shuttle into town checked out Market Street, bought some gifts and Post Cards. Walked to the Harris Teeter a few blocks away did provisions for the next few weeks, then called for the Van to pick me up(The van is so worth the stop at the  Charleston City Marina), we love Charleston. When I arrived back on the boat, Harmony had been washed and some work was preformed on one of her hatches.  Packed up the laundry and headed to the Laundry Mat with that chore out of the way, next chore to put way the rest of the groceries, laundry and make the bed which is no easy feat John has to help. Time to prepare dinner, do some homework to bed exhausted.


  • 22 Apr 2012 10:30 AM | Jo Rys

    N32deg46.7minW79.deg 58 min

    It rained all night, we took the van (Charleston City Marina offers a van) to the Cathedral for mass stopped for something to eat, walked to Liberty Square to catch the boat to Fort Sumter. That was very interesting we have learned so much history on this trip we want to learn more. It rained off and on all day but we were prepared with jackets wish I had a sweatshirt for more warmth but the sun did come out a few times and warm things up a bit. We stopped at Pearlz for a glass of wine and Horsd’oeuvers, caught the van back to the Marina (we love Charleston) The wind has picked up, it is howling thru the rigging, as we bounce around a bit but it feels good to be in our little boat cozy and warm. I really miss Florida weather it was so much warmer.


  • 21 Apr 2012 10:29 AM | Jo Rys


    We woke up to high tide and the boat being half in the weeds or swamp grasses but we were reading 9 feet, he pulled in some chain and  we came out a little and finished our breakfast.

    When John was on the bow pulling the anchor in for good this time, a dolphin was swimming all around the bow of the boat; taking advantage of the slack tide, John said, for a while the dolphin swam with the boat as we were taking off going out of the long channel, (I could not see the bow from the helm). That was so cool to be so close, the channel was very narrow about 150feet wide, (he, she) was so close we could hear them breath as they surfaced for air.  The rest of the day was about normal Elliott’s cut was exciting rushing current and 15 min wait for the bridge. In the current the bridge tender was a afraid we wonder off and not be ready for his opening.  Just after we arrived in Charleston Harbor the Independence (our 5th time seeing them since Fernandina) took off from the dock headed to Elliott’s cut, happy we did not have to encounter them in Elliott’s cut, it is deep but not all that wide for passing them.  Had dinner ashore, watched TV and went to bed.


  • 20 Apr 2012 10:03 AM | Jo Rys

    32deg25.8, 80deg40.5

    We pulled out of the Marina at 8:45AM to make the 9AM Ladies Island Bridge. We had a pretty normal day, some missing marks, some labeled wrong and confusing plus skinny water. We pulled in to our destination for the night at 3PM  and found (at low tide) a long skinny river with lots of deep water, we went in about a mile and a half still deep water put down the hook and had a quite nice quiet afternoon except for the squawking birds. As we sat quietly reading dolphins came with in 3 feet of the boat, we could hear them breathe and sometimes the just hung on the top of the water with their mouths open, as current flowed into the creek  I have never seen them do that, but they did not know we were close by. They also had a small one with them, and must have stayed for about 45 minutes just waiting for the current to bring in the food.  We had a lovely sunset and a steak dinner in the cockpit we had few bugs surprisingly, which I was anticipating. 


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