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BCYC South Super Bowl Party

On February 12th, Chris & Colin Soucy hosted the Annual BCYC South Super Bowl Party. The Soucy's decorated their home with separate Red and Green viewing rooms. Commodore Yates welcomed our first new members for 2023, Lynn and Jim Duggan. The dishes everyone brought were outrageously wonderful and the game was pretty good as well!
(Photos by Bob Higginbotham)

BCYC South Day at the Park

On January 26th, Gail and Bob Higginbotham hosted 30 BCYC members and guests at Halpatiokee Park in Martin Co. FL. A rematch of the BCYC World Cup Boccee ball was staged followed by grilled salmon and jerk chicken. Special shout out to grill Meister Gene Browning. The member provided appetizers and desserts, along witht the grilled mains were all over the top!!!
(Photos by Gail & Bob Higginbotham, John Loving, and Michele Sanger)

BCYC South 2023 Kickoff Happy Hour

On January 12th, Ginny and Gene Browning hosted the BCYC 2023 Kickoff with a Happy Hour at Mulligan's Beach House in Stuart FL. Nineteen members and guests enjoyed the evening and a few unique hors d'oeuvres including mussels with a baked bread topping for dipping - yum!
(Photos by Bob Higginbotham)

Visit to Quartzsite Yacht Club - Long Time No Sea

On January 4th, long-time Bakyakers Julianna Nedd and JJ Sullivan visited Arizona's Quartzsite Yacht Club. As JJ said, they "were looking for a gas station and a place to eat and there it was! It’s a hilarious place. Costs $10 to be a member and they now have 11,600 yacht club members! Cool desert yacht club. Didn’t even have to whip out my BCYC membership card!! Need to go find out if they can make a proper dark n’ stormy!"
(Photos by JJ Sullivan)

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