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Bringing Indy back to Oxford

06 Oct 2022 8:10 AM | John Yates

Madi and I got up early - real early for someone - and drove to the Higgies where Indy had lain up to get her freezer repaired. Well the freezer couldn't be repaired due to a leaking compressor. And, a new one will take several months to get. So, after waiting for the storm to pass Bob and Gail graciously allowed Indy to stay at their dock. But, today looks good for a motor-sail back. The usual suspects were not available to help me sail back, so I was single handing back to Oxford. The day started out nicely.  The motor started right up. That's always a good thing. And backing out into Minnow creek went without a hitch, ding or rub. However, as I was leaving White Hall Bay, Auto (helm) decided to do crazy Ivan turns. So, I had to hand steer. Ughh. Stuck at the helm now. Things went great and I raised the main. I find that it fools the power boaters into granting me right of way. That is until the Coast Guard ship Richard Dixon (yes Dixon) sneaks up and passes uncomfortably close. And, just as I was unrolling the jib. Yikes. But, all was well. He threw up a 4-5 foot wake going by. I turned into it and never shipped water. The rest of the day was beautiful. I even stopped for lunch and to re-calibrate the Auto helm. Motorsailed around Black Walnut point and had the current with me from Annapolis to Oxford. Fueled up at Safe Harbor (30 gallons) and then docked without incident. It's always good to be home.

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