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Tug for Two Going South


I going to do a Google blog but Mary reminded me that I could do it here -- so here we are, in a manner of speaking.  We left our slip at the West River Yacht Club on Nov. 2 and went to Solomons Island, anchoring in a great little cove in front of the Calvert Marine Museum.  There were several Canadian boats anchored nearby off of the Zanhizer mooring field.  Well, I think they were Canadians -- theyh were all flying the maple leaf flag.  Early the next morning we headed for the Piankatank River, wanting to get by the Potomac at slack tide, which we did.  But then the wind picked up considerably and we took a beating (4-5 foot seas), yawwing around no matter what speed or course heading.  After 2+ hours of having water cascading over the entire boat, we got into the Piankatank and anchored in Jackson Creek, a beautiful spot. and once we were again on speaking terms decided to stay put the next day when the wind a was still blowing like hell (25kts at the Stingray Point lighthouse). We didn't see the Canadians but were reminded of them:   there was a loon in the creek by our boat.  The wind abated and on Nov. 4 we had a nice ride down the bay to Portsmouth.  Bill Kranzer had told me how huge the Bay seemed once you got past the Potomac and he was right; it was like being in the ocean.  Could not see land when looking east and had to run 3 miles of so off-shore, not like the northern part of the Bay where we do most of our boating.  Two very impressive sights coming into Portsmouth:  1.  The USS Enterprise (a huge and storied aircraft carrier) had just been decommissioned and was in its slip.  A lot of white tents and other signs of welcoming the ship home were still present.  2.  The cooler sight was a large naval "warship" (that, btw, is how they announce themselves when they come on the ship's radio) was also returning to port.  Tugboats with their water cannons on were going out to greet it.  Went for a walk into "historic" Portsmouth which was long on history but on a cold Sunday night short on much to do.  Ate a mediocre dinner and walked back to Tidewater Marina where we had a slip and where they remembered our BCYC pals cruising a few days ahead of us; this is where they rode out Hurricane Sandy.  Today, off for the Great Dismal Swamp. 

Pictures to follow -- if I can figure out how to do it!

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