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Colin Soucy and Terry Bidnick, present and past commodores at the COW in May.

The Bridge for 2018

BCYC South gang on a cold night in Stuart Fla.

The BCYC North gang at Pusser's for steak and Lobster. Cold up here too.

A formidable band of brothers on the links in sunny Fla.

South River On The Half Shell party in March.

On the left: The Kentucky Derby Party in May Above: The group at the William Paka House. On the right: Cindy and the biggest Lobsta ever seen.

On the left: Jae attacks crabs with gusto.     Above: The club at Maryland Yacht Club        On the right: Wally Stone's 90th Party

At left: a party at Tony Cook's with a DNR expert on the Snakehead. He says they make great eating?
Above: John O. as Tom Cruise on a tour of the Pax River Navil Air Station with 16 other members.
On the right: Court Treuth puts on the shrimp at his wonderful Low Country Shrimp Boil event this September.

At left: Mary Bowie is awarded the Gypsee Joe service award at the annual meeting.

Above: the annual holiday lunch at Cafe Mazzarotte with Christmas cheer and a gift exchange on Dec. 16th.

At right: Members of the BCYC South Station celebrate Michelle Sangers birthday on Dec 18th.

Most of these photos were taken by Cindy Murphy, Otto Hetzel, and Jo Rys.
To see more pictures check out the 2018 Pictures Album on Flickr 2018

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