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"It's all about the people"


Fandango trip south

06 Nov 2012 3:55 PM | Colin Soucy
We are tied up snug and comfortable in Oriental, NC along with Indy and Quaich.  We overnighted on the hook at Belhaven, NC for the express purpose of viewing Wally's infamous clothed fleas.  The 6 of us dinghy-ed in and walked to the "museum" to find a very lonely fellow who seemed desperately happy to see warm bodies coming into the museum.  He was happy to direct us to the flea appears that time has not been kind to the two little fleas in residence.  They had been dressed in wedding clothes, which still existed, but the fleas who once were so adorned seemed to have disintegrated or vacated the premises sans clothes!  Two of us thought that we could still discern a dark speck which may have been a fragment of a flea...but John Yates, ever the practical fellow, stated that there were no fleas that he could see.  We wandered through the collection of stuff, at turns amazed, amused, and sometimes disgusted by the "collection".  I think Karen and Madi were definitely not taken by the dead baby rattlesnakes pickled in a jar!
I cooked a supper of Tuscan Chicken Stew and in so doing, affirmed that my galley is REALLY LITTLE!  The food was tasty and the company even better.  We will lay up in Oriental to let the weather improve before moving on, Thursday, to Beaufort, NC.
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