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Day 8, Monday, November 7, 2011

07 Nov 2011 2:16 PM | Jo Rys

Alligator River, North Carolina

Anchor up at 7am and underway with all the other boats, motored making good time, put up  some sail which gave us a boost to 8 knots for a while. The sun was shining and a warm day; took off another layer of clothing, felt great.

The Alligator River was named after the American alligator; as recently as 1930s a 15 foot alligator inhabited the river. Now you’ll have to travel further south to see an alligator.  But there are plenty of other interesting carnivores in the wild areas of the Alligator River National Wildlife area, which is one of the last eastern strong holds of the Black Bear; also a protected habitat for endangered Red wolf who were recently re-introduced to the refuge. 

We traveled the Alligator Pango Canal thru the Pango River (No we did not see any Pangs ether) which is wide and open next Goose Creek.  So warm today  had to open the flaps of the enclosure.  Perhaps shorts tomorrow.  HAHA!!!  Took pictures of Shrimp Boats along the Goose Creek, will try to get them on the site.  Spent the night at HOBOKAN cut, MM 160.  Dinner was sweet and sour meatballs over noodles, salad and cookies (no the cookies are not gone).

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