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Day 14, Sunday, November 13, 2011

13 Nov 2011 9:25 AM | Jo Rys

 MM402 Georgetown SC

Poor holding in Georgetown--we were up at 2AM when the anchor alarm went off, just a tide change; then back to bed but I could not go back to sleep.  We were up at 7:30; anchor up and Harmony was under way at 8AM.   Jo took the helm and successfully guided us out of the Georgetown Harbor, easy since the tide was high, and I followed a 70-foot boat named Utopia from St. Michaels out into the Winyah Bay heading to Waccanaw River.  Harmony’s engine is doing great! Also we are doing great time; the weather is getting warmer which makes it easier to get out of a warm bed in the morning.  Guy makes his double strength coffee (he is up early) and when they finish the first pot, John makes my coffee (half and half); our routine seems to work. Georgetown is a lovely town unfortunately we did not go ashore, I did in '99.  I will be back! 

We will be in Charleston for about 10 days, meeting John's sister Terry and Jim her husband (they are great) for Thanksgiving; doesn’t that sound great?  I can get all my shopping fix in Charleston, no doubt do some or most of my Christmas shopping.  Have to keep in mind we will have to carry everything back on the plane, and we did not bring the rolling suitcase.

We passed thru Winyah Bay Canal, Pee Dee River and Waccanaw River which follows mostly straight dredged cuts through vast marshlands for the next 50 miles to Charleston Harbor.  We spent the night in a little place called Dewees Creek about 15 miles from Charleston; were anchored alongside of a golf course that is on an island; had our Happy Hour watching the golfers being ferried in and out on the hour. Not sure where they came from but perhaps Charleston 15 miles way.  We had a dinner of leftover beef, Guy had chicken, Spatula and salad; the boys ate the last cookies.

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