"It's all about the people"


Day 27, Saturday, November 26, 2011

26 Nov 2011 9:54 AM | Jo Rys

Charleston City Marina

We left Charleston City Marina at 8:55 trying to make the Wapoo Bridge only to realize it was Saturday and(guess what?) we can get it on request. We passed thru some cuts and rivers called Ashapoo, Coosaw cutoff, Ashapoo River, Edisto River, Dawho River, Fenwick Cut.  We found it was very low tide, .7 below mean low tide, it was scary but we took it slow, touched a few times--what a relief to finally get thru the other end.  After the nerve racking day we found an anchorage and settled in for the night. We found a lovely spot, anchored and had dinner, only to be awakened at midnight with rattling chain; the tide was changing and the wind was from a different direction, hence the chain was rubbing on itself.  John put a snubber on and we slapped all thru the night.

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