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Walley's Leg, GA

01 Dec 2011 5:37 PM | Jo Rys

Day 32, MM 665.5  Start at Walley’s Leg, GA

Anchor up late at 8:40 waited a little while for the tide to come up, we entered ICW channel we had 32 feet.   Hopefully today the lines will dry from Monday night’s rains; we have them stretched all over the leani for days to dry. Still in long pants even thou the sun is shining and it is warm in the leani, but the wind is cold. We will be going thru St. Simons Sound have to keep a close watch for markers & Large container ships. Some bad spots pretty scary with hard to read markers.  Continuing thru Cumberland Sound we had to stop for 15 min for a Submarine to pass in to Kings Bay.  The Navy (as we found out this summer off of Annapolis) do not allow us since 9/11 to get any closer than 500 Yards.  Moving on we crossed the Florida line and we did Pass Fernandina the town and passed all the anchored boats.  Did some more twisty turns and ended in Amelia River Anchorage. There are lots of shrimp boats everywhere Fernandina is considered the birth place of shrimping.    

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