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Day 37, MM878.1, Start Titusville, Florida

06 Dec 2011 10:20 PM | Jo Rys

Tuesday, December 6, 2011  Harmony spent the night in an anchorage just outside of Titusville Marina near Kennedy Space Center, probably the closest to the launch sights.  The night was little rocky since boats were going by all night, also we were near a Railroad bridge and a train went by sometime during the night, felt as though it was in our cabin.  This morning the water is as smooth as glass (“We are one with the Magenta Line”) makes for a smooth ride at least until a boat goes by.  As I mentioned earlier, the Florida ICW is very straight and narrow, at least the ICW part is but the shore line gives the appearance of lots of water, with little depth towards the shore.  There seems to be a rain cloud off in the distance toward the Ocean but the rest of the sky is clear and sunny.  It is so warm we have the whole boat open with wonderful soft breeze flowing thru, Harmony and crew are very happy.  We had the disappointment of not being able to anchor in Eau Gallie a very small anchorage that already had too many boats.  We backed tracked to the southern tip of Merritt Island just north of Eau Gallie Bridge, an area affectionately called Dragon Point. For over 30 years, a huge cement sculpture of a dragon stood on the coquina rock point.  A storm in 2002 destroyed the 65 foot long, 35 foot high dragon.  (I found the dragon to be a very impressive sight, when I saw it in 99).  The point now stands empty, with only the concrete and steel vestiges of the dragon remaining.  The best part of our day was when we entered Dragon Point anchorage we were greeted by large pod of dolphins swimming and jumping around our boat it was hard to concentrate on anchoring.  I tried to get pictures but those buggers are fast.  Dolphin pods are very common in these waters, usually work together to trap a school of mullet, causing a commotion in the water.  Dolphins herd fish cooperatively, like cowboys herding cattle, talking to each other with squeals and clicks.

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