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Friday, Feb 3, 2012, Stuart, FlorIda

03 Feb 2012 2:52 PM | Jo Rys

Left early, it was a 4 hour drive, arrived in Stuart and what did we find but beautiful Harmony covered in mildew.  Out came the bleach all the cabinets had to be cleaned out and scrubbed with bleach, all our clothing, sheets, pillows, etc. had to be washed. We tackled our Vbirth first which took 2 days.  After a few days Guy and Shay invited us to dinner and the Super Bowl at their condo in Jupiter, it sure was great to get away. Thanks Guy and Shay you guys are great!  I love to hear the pounding of the surf and the Collins have a beautiful Ocean side condo that we enjoyed for the afternoon and evening. 

Monday, started back to the scrubbing. The guest cabin came next since we were having company.  More trips to the laundry and Publix for supplies each cabin one at a time, not fun guys. Days went by finally we had a handle on the evil mess and could move to our new destination of Palm Beach Garden south of Jupiter Florida. 

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