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On the Road Again

16 Feb 2012 5:20 PM | Jo Rys
Thursday, Feb 16th
We left the dock at 7:45 to make the first bridge at 8AM very successfully made that bridge then on to the next one and on and on all day we did 20 bridges that day boy were we exhausted.   We were very lucky that we encountered a  tow boat pulling a fishing boat and we were going about the same speed and slipped thru with them for a few bridges when it all came down to it 20 Bridges, 40 miles, in 6 hours not too bad.  The worst one was in Lauderdale, man was that crowded everyone jockeying for position and we ended up last because of all the commercial boats in the ares.  We arrive at the Hollywood marina a 2:30 pretty good timing considering everything.  Did more laundry, John washed Harmony,  had dinner and crashed. 
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