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On the road again

16 Feb 2012 9:00 PM | Jo Rys

Lantana Loggerhead Marina, Thursday,Feb 16th

Started out at 7:45 to make the 8AM Bridge, each bridge has a different operating time, during our prep time last night we planned each bridge so we could make them. I wrote done every bridge name and the times it opened ie. on the hour, half hour or 15 and 45 after and the miles between the bridges so we knew how much time we had between each.  That planning I think made all the difference in the out come of the day, we had 40 miles to cover, 20 bridges and we did it in 6 hours.  We did run into some luck when we overtook a towboat towing a fishing boat and managed to slip thru with them a few bridges (working boats get to go thru anytime they arrive at a bridge). The worst bridge was the 17th st. Lauderdale bridge it was very congested and we had to wait about 15 minutes with lots of traffic.  We arrived at our destination at 2PM and enjoyed a lovely afternoon in one of the most beautiful Loggerhad Marinas we have ever Visited.  We had a lovely dinner and crashed after our very intense day playing "Please open your Bridge".  That is a game I think no one wants to have to play.  Perhaps if you can you should stay in the middle and only do 10 a day,  perhaps we will go out side the next time.

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