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Hollywood Florida, Saturday Feb 18,2012

18 Feb 2012 10:33 PM | Jo Rys
We took off about 8:45 to make the Hollywood bridge at 9AM stopped for diesel and caught the Sherwood Bridge on time. Arrived at the Dana Beach Bridge requested an opening only to be told the bridge was closed for Founders Day, my reaction was a rather loud “WHAT” since it was 10 and it closed at 10 to 1PM  I asked him if he could open for us and another boat going south (we were going North) finally he gave in and opened the bridge for us naturally I was very sweet and thanked and waved to him, boy we dodged that bullet. We had to take the Port Everglades cut out into the Ocean because we could not go under the Julia Tuttle Bridge which is 56 feet and we are 61 ½ feet tall, does not compute. The Julia Tuttle was between us and where we were going south of Miami. We came in the Miami cut and what a sight Miami is from the water. We pulled in to No Name Harbor south of Miami.  We had a wonderful evening in No Name Harbor since it was Saturday night and close to Miami there were lots of boats until the sun went down and most of the smaller boats left, anchoring was tight and power boats swing different than. Richard cooked a great fish dinner and we all had a wonderful candle light evening. There was so much activity John and I stayed up for a while until the boats settled down and stopped moving around.
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