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staying in one place

12 Mar 2012 6:20 PM | Jo Rys

Thursday, March 1, 2012-March 12

Treasure Island Florida

For the next two weeks I did boat work and Played.  I went to a Fashion Show put on by Macy’s and the Chamber, an Art opening, and a Parrott Head concert with Jamie and Lisa. Brunches with Annapolis friends I went to visit my friend Sally S in Englewood for an overnight and we met Jamie and some friends for dinner, that GPS took me right to Sally’s door and to the restaurant.

In between the fun I stripped paint, sanded the top step and companion way rails of Harmony and painted them with polyurethane.  I did 10 loads of Laundry, Cleaned bilges, sorted clothing, made beds, JJ & Juliana stopped by to spent the night on Harmony on their way from Captiva to the Auto Train.  We had dinner and breakfast at Gators just a short walk away. Good to see them looking forward to seeing all of the BCYC’ers.

John arrived back to Harmony on Monday and we did more of the same getting ready to take off heading south to the Keys.

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