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On the gulf today

19 Mar 2012 11:37 AM | Jo Rys
Monday, March 19,
Another beautiful day on the Gulfy, Otter Key, Sarasota Bay

We were up early we had to thread our way thru the Big Sarasota Pass, very shallow on the right side had to hug the left shore.  We could see waves breaking and pelicans sitting on the shoal, we were glad to get out of there. The day was quiet except for dodging Crab pots but we did get some sail up.  The sky was a lighter blue and the clouds looked like puffs of cotton, combined with the aqua water made for a day that dreams are made of.
The channel going into our nest destination was very long and hard to find the deep water that continued in the anchorage where we only had 5 feet under I keel most of the time and did see 3.9 a few times. When the anchor was down we give a sigh of relief. Lovely Sunset dinner was had by all the crew. The wind switch to the east during the night (as predicted) we had some wind but the anchor held on the nice sandy bottom. 
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