"It's all about the people"


One with the Magenta line

13 Apr 2012 10:00 AM | Jo Rys

Atlantic Beach Bridge MM744.7

30deg19.5min / 81deg26.6min

Took off at 9:05 heading north to Fernandina Beach, Had one bump but not at all critical.  Arrived at Fernandina about 2PM checked in to the marina (another Long dock to walk) went to the adorable town and the info center, John found out there was a lighthouse and a fort (I need to pay more attention) walked in and out of some cute shops.  Went to the Post Office and he got direction to the fort.  We did not realize how far it was, we walked and we walked.  We arrived at the entrance  of the park, for the fort, we are told we had another 3 miles in to the fort and we could not see it because it closed at 4:30,Well I can tell you I was not doing another 6 miles on top of the 2 we just did and 2 more back. We tracked back to town and stopped for a beer, picked up some seafood.  Took shore shower and had leftovers for dinner. We did our homework, preparing for the next day and watched a movie.  I can tell you I slept like a  baby.


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