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Tides rule

16 Apr 2012 6:28 PM | Jo Rys

Crescent River, Marshes of Georgia MM643

N31deg3.5, W081deg20.4

Waited around until noon to leave because of the tides, as we came out of our little night time hiding place in the morning, what did we encounter but the cruise ship we saw on the docks of Fernandina, radioed and asked how fast he travels, 9.5 knots and how much he draws 8.5 feet and we decided he was a good one to follow thru this narrow shallow area we would be attempting  at that time, well he had to slow down to 4.5 knots and we stayed right with him and felt safe.(pretty dicey it was) but as we arrived in deeper water he took off, needles to say, we could not keep up . We did some open waters today such as Dog Hammock Spit, Sapello Sound as well as the narrow spits where you have to stay on the magenta.  Ended our day

in a wonderful anchorage for the evening, deep, protected and only one other boat as company. A beautiful old Power Boat named Lady Katherine, which is a 1947 Trumpe, that has won awards for the restoration and can be chartered for a mere $10,000  week.  We had a lovely sunset and dinner and did our homework and watched some more of John Adams, well worth the time spent watching, very interesting makes me want to know more about our history.

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