"It's all about the people"


Beaufort, South Carolina MM536

20 Apr 2012 10:03 AM | Jo Rys

32deg25.8, 80deg40.5

We pulled out of the Marina at 8:45AM to make the 9AM Ladies Island Bridge. We had a pretty normal day, some missing marks, some labeled wrong and confusing plus skinny water. We pulled in to our destination for the night at 3PM  and found (at low tide) a long skinny river with lots of deep water, we went in about a mile and a half still deep water put down the hook and had a quite nice quiet afternoon except for the squawking birds. As we sat quietly reading dolphins came with in 3 feet of the boat, we could hear them breathe and sometimes the just hung on the top of the water with their mouths open, as current flowed into the creek  I have never seen them do that, but they did not know we were close by. They also had a small one with them, and must have stayed for about 45 minutes just waiting for the current to bring in the food.  We had a lovely sunset and a steak dinner in the cockpit we had few bugs surprisingly, which I was anticipating. 


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