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One with the Magenta line

25 Apr 2012 3:47 PM | Jo Rys

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Graham Creek, South Carolina MM439


W079deg 35

Up early, anchor up at 8:10 and back out the crumb line high tide so all is good except it is cold(sweats, long pants and jackets).  We had to make two tries to get in to the creek yesterday I was very doubtful at first but it was a nice anchorage very quiet and once the wind died down we were well protected by a line of trees along the south side.  We witnessed flashes of lightning but nothing came our way.  Did you notice the crescent moon and Venice were in conjunction, just after sunset last night, very sharp and clear at least where we were, lovely night to be on the hook.  The ICW is straighter on this stretch of South Carolina and easier to navigate, I can be down below more doing my thing rather than using the binoculars spotting marks, or watching the depth as we go along.  Harmony will be in North Carolina tomorrow and will be spend the night at Barefoot landing (no more free dock).   We dropped the hook at 3:15 today feels good when I turn the engine off and we are in quiet mode. Dinner tonight is leftovers, John has some ribs from a few nights ago and I will have some chicken with a salad. The weather finally warmed up a little so we could take off the jackets at least inside the enclosure it was warm.


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