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Good and bad days on the ICW

05 May 2012 7:19 PM | Jo Rys

Alligator River south of Bridge MM81.5



Left the anchorage at 8:15AM, the flies were inscrutable,  biting like crazy, they subsided a bit when we escaped from Fly Island) and we were moving, with some wind but still biting.  We made it a short day so we would have some down time.  We went thru the Albemarle Sound (as quiet as it could be) North Carolina Cut and the North River to arrive at Coinjock at 12:30PM.  Still have biting flies but not a bad as last night and this morning.  The good news we are plugged in and will have air Conditioning tonight.  Nice restaurant here and a little store to pick up some things to get us thorough the next few days.  Took a shower before the rain started, I just made it back to the boat and it poured for about 2hours but they needed the rain and I do love the sound of the rain on the bambini.  We had dinner at the restaurant in the Marina and met some friends we had met before along the way.  They actually, we found out are old friends of Claudia and Ed Evens and Carol and John Campbell from Meirs Marina. After we arrived back to the boat and were doing our homework two huge, long barges being pulled and pushed by tugs went by. I would not want to run into those in the ditch at night scary to say the least, bad enough during the day, we had our share of barges in the day. One only hopes there is room to pull over before they run you down.

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