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Commodor's Spring Newsletter

11 May 2019 10:23 AM | Tom Bernhart (Administrator)

As “Friendship” tied up to her dock, the Northern Yakker Snow Birds migration was complete. The past four months were packed with events both North and South. BCYC South was on the move with events crisscrossing Florida. We had many fun time events, one that stands out was Ginny Browning leading the Yakkers chorus in singing the ballad of the great “Honky Donkey” (little choppy on the start but we soon swung into a smooth harmony and nailed it!!). Up North the St Patty’s day event was graced by Mary Bowie attending (way to go Mary!!).

Our fleet captain Tim, has us launching with an aggressive fun filled Spring cruise in a couple of weeks!!! I have not even gotten my freezer running or thought about launching my dingy.

The next BOG meeting is May  26th at Brewers marina in Oxford MD. Please go to the website and have a look at the new Operating Procedure document format and the outline of  BCYC flag officers responsibilities.

Time to hit the rail and buckle up for an event packed next half of our 2019 boating season. BTW, how about the COW at the Naval Academy just days away!

It’s great to have the Yakker family back together again.

Welcome to the Spring boating season!

Ben Wilson, Commodore BCYC

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