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Commodor's Summer Newsletter

28 Jun 2019 12:07 PM | Tom Bernhart (Administrator)


June 27, 2019

Just back from a phenomenally successful Lobster Feast! Set a high bar for next year. Biggest turnout ever, at over 80 people. Did not hear any complaints as folks could hardly fit the 2 pounders on the plate. Some felt they were too big and several of us offered to take a claw or a tail to help lighten their load. The Flip, Flop and Droppers were almost flawless. However, on close inspection the remains of an omelet was spotted shoved under a pole. When questioned, no one fessed up. Tradition dictates the dropper would have been designated to wear the dropper apron next year. Ernie would have ameliorated this problem, however he was napping at the time.

 BCYC had a fun-filled Change of Watch Ball. After receiving a 48 hour notice that we could not drive into the Academy, a clandestine breach onto the Academy grounds was plotted and executed by BCYC seal team leader Ted Edmunds and his lovely Frog Woman, Pat. The mission went flawlessly. Our M/C, Vern Penner, smoothly sailed through the evening with a few jokes and his usual stories of bravado. The new flag officers and flag presentations went reasonably well with just a few minor snags such as incorrect flags and line- up problems…in spite of Jo  Rys’s efforts in writing the officers name on each flag, we still screwed it up. However, in true YAKKER fashion, we got the job done. The evening ended with great food and dancing.

 Our Spring cruise orchestrated by Fleet Captain Tim Feldman was a blast. Eight days of fun sailing in good weather and evenings at good restaurants. We were up to 14 boats at one point and a hardy turn-out of land yachts, bringing us to over 24 to 30 people at each event.

 Next up is our annual BCYC July fireworks event which will be held on July 6th at Cindy and Westbrook’s water estate. There will be a BOG meeting at 2:00pm, Saturday July 6th,  at Westbrook’s. BOG members: please get up-to-date on recent website entries. A BOG agenda will be forthcoming.

Have a great Summer boating season.

Ben Wilson, Commodore BCYC  
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