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Commodore's Winter Newsletter 2019

31 Dec 2019 5:13 PM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

Holiday Greetings from your Commodore. As we wind up a very eventful and BCYC-event-filled 2019, here is quick look back on highlights of the year. Two weeks into the year, Mary Bowie had to step down as Treasurer and, thankfully, Westbrook Murphy stepped up to be our new Treasurer, a grateful BCYC thanks you again for taking on this complex task. On to the Commodore’s Ball where 24 hours prior to the start we were told that because of a heightened military alert we could not drive our cars onto the Naval Academy. With a BCYC team effort this problem was solved and a great time was had by all. Our Fleet Captain, Tim Feldmann, put together a fun-filled Spring Cruise. The annual Lobster Feast was a great feed! John Yates came up with the biggest lobsters we have ever had. The Fourth of July fireworks with overhead bursts at Westbrook and Cindy Murphy’s were r-e-a-l exciting.  “Wally Day”, to honor the passing one of our founders, Wally Stone, was a special occasion attended by a packed crowd with many voices attesting to fond memories of a great family man and contributor to the boating community. The Fall Cruise and Members Meeting followed up by our new annual Goose Cruise wound up our renowned boating water events for 2019.

Some administrative additions included approval of an Operating Procedural Document. This documentation will formally record all past and present items voted and approved by the BOG. This now provides a quick reference for these items for any future needs.

Thanks go out to Tom Bernhart for all his efforts over the years as our Webmaster and to Bob Higginbotham for stepping up as our new Webmaster.

Our Vice Commodore, Chuck Kahle, had to step down and the Flag had to be reconfigured. This is on the website. Terry Bidnick stepped up to complete our Flag going into 2020. Our thanks again to Terry.

Our membership continues to grow with more members in the queue.

As I prepare to leave the Bridge as your Commodore for 2019, our ship continues to run steady as she goes. My heartfelt thanks to the great BCYC Crew for stepping up when asked and for your continued ongoing crew effort to make this club the Best Yacht Club on the Bay.  As we all move along in years, many of us look upon BCYC as our extended family sharing the many fun events and the camaraderie we share.  Just check the attendance and distances traveled to be at our events and this is confirmed!

It was my great pleasure to be your Commodore for 2019. I wish the great BCYC Crew and our new Commodore, Tom Bernhart, all the best for 2020.

Ben Wilson, Commodore 2019

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