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Fandango trip south

04 Nov 2012 1:18 PM | Colin Soucy
Elizabeth City, NC has got to be one of the most friendly towns on the planet.  The free dockage in addition to the boater's gathering to introduce the newbies to what the town has to offer was very nice.  Culinary expertise is not my forte' but Karen and Maddie are gifted chefs so the three crews of Fandango, Indie, and Quaich are eating very well indeed!  
We left E City this morning and went as far as the Alligator River, berthing at the Alligator River Marina.  The Albermarle Sound crossing was uneventful with waves of 1 foot  and few rain showers.  Now that we are tied up safe and snug at the marina, the wind has begun to pick up and it is raw and rainy.  Glad to have the heat on, but best of all, we FINALLY got a pump out!  The plan is to continue on tomorrow to Bellhaven to see the famous fleas and thence on to Oriental.  It feels like November and I think we need to get south sooner where I can complain about the heat!
Colin has some chicken wings on order at the marina restaurant and expects to spend the afternoon watching football. 


  • 04 Nov 2012 8:08 PM | Anonymous
    Good to hear from you, Chris. Stay warm and enjoy the chicken wings!
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