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Tug for Two Going South

Left our Canadian pals early yesterday to make the 8:30 lock.  Easy trip to Elizabeth City with much of the trip reminding us for the swamps in Louisiana -- cypress trees and dark water.  Pam and John had secured space on a bulkhead that is well protected from northerly winds that we expect from the noreaster.  And tonight here in Elizabeth City?  A possibility of snow!  Oy, what next, maybe locusts falling from the sky?   Woke up to the rather surprising results from the election.  Pam fixed a great chili last night and while we anticipated watching the results, we talked about life more generally to include -- we're boaters, remember -- issues related to the head.  Going to take their still-rented car to Edenton, NC today.  Given Colin's recent post, we will probably take a pass on Belhaven.  We are all anxious to get warm! Speaking of which, our record of 51 degree days remains unbroken.  That's not 51 outside.  It's 51 inside -- when we wake up after having no heat all night!!  The Mt. Everest boating expedition continues.


  • 07 Nov 2012 10:14 AM | John Loving
    Woke up this morning and there was a green tug parked behind us! Nice to join up with you.
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  • 10 Nov 2012 5:13 PM | JJ Sullivan Jr
    Hey Bill
    Cypress trees and dark waters? You know what that means don't you? ALLIGATORS!!!! Did you tell Miss G to keep her hands and feet INSIDE the boat!? LOL! About 55 and nice here today. Vern Penner, Juliana and I pulled our Boston Whaler out of the water today for the season. So sad. :-( Happy water trails.. JJ
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