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Tug for Two Going South


Left Wrightsville Beach at 8:30 this morning.   Had a nice, easy trip to Southport, just over 20 miles away.  Entered the Cape Fear River, a huge expanse.  Sad to leave our green water for brown but got to keep truckin'.   Staying in Southport because another lesson in this kind of travel is that while one might want to anchor out almost nightly, it's not always possible.  So sooner than chance a "no room at the inn" experience with few options other than continuing to search for a suitable anchorage, we are staying at Southport Marina, a large, very nice, well run place.  Loads ot cruisers in here, including people who've just come in from a few days in the ocean or are about to enter it for the run to the Bahamas.  Again washed off salt residue and for the first time since we left home, G did our laundry.  Pam had told us to bring $50 in quarters, so today we started using them.  Walked around Southport which is very nice small town.  Many of the homes are "historic", having plaques on them with names and dates.  Re the 'historic' part, most of the dates are early 1900s but still, cute well cared for dwellings.  G went into a gift shop and came out without buying anything so a big success so far!   Tonight, Karen has organizd a "Cape Fear" movie night, complete with popcorn (which I can no longer eat) and candy (which I can).  

Tomorrow, we will start our push toward Charleston.   Plan on anchoring out the next 2 nights, including one night in what is widely reputed to be the most beautiful river of the entire trip, the Waccamaw in South Carolina. 




  • 13 Nov 2012 5:54 AM | Anonymous
    Thank you, Bill, for such a great narrative. Chris Soucy, too. We are all enjoying your posts. Keep it up!
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  • 17 Nov 2012 9:46 AM | Ben Wilson
    Great reading your adventures! Hopefully, the warm weather will be upon you. We miss you all but know the gang you are with makes the trip terrific. Hope someone has Captain Rron on board for your next movie night ! safe ...and keep up the blogs!! We love them. Love to all. Benjamin and Candy
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