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BCYC South 2012-13

Any member who wishes can contribute ("post") news of or stories about BCYC events (or about anything else for that matter!)  If you have a story to tell or just an impression of an event or information to share, log on and add to this ongoing blog.  You can also add comments to others' entries.

  • 04 Nov 2012 8:44 AM | Anonymous

    Mary - Bill Falk asked us to forward this link to you: .  Quaich will be leaving Elizabeth City within a few hours to cross the Albemarle and spend an overnight on/near the Alligator River.  The next day, we're stopping in Bellhaven to see Wally's infamous dressed flea exhibit.  We'll keep in touch.  KK

  • 25 Oct 2012 7:02 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks for thinking about us, Mary.  We're having a great trip so far.  The Bay has been benevolent, but it looks like we'll pay the price soon.  Right now we're at anchor off Hospital Point in Portsmouth. The Soucys are nearby.  Compass Rose and Indy are visiting Brenda and Ray.  All of us have reservations at Tidewater Marina here in Portsmouth to wait out the impending storm.  There's lots to do here and plenty of boat action.  Bill and I were chased into the harbor by a submarine, and Fandango had a close encounter with an aircraft carrier.  We'll keep in touch.  Karen 


  • 15 Oct 2012 5:19 PM | Jeanie Bidnick
    Terry and I saw "Master Harold and the boys"  at the Bay Theater Company last Friday night and it was really good.  It's there until November 11th.

  • 04 Sep 2012 3:09 PM | Westbrook Murphy

    Presidential Trivia Quiz                                           

    Except as noted, each correct answer receives one point. 

    • 1.    Neither the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mite Romney nor his VP running mate Paul Ryan is a veteran of the U.S armed forces.  In what prior year was the last Republican Presidential ticket that did not include U.S. armed forces veteran? ________
    • Answer: 1932 - Herbert Hoover; Charles Curtiss
    • 2.    Who was the first Vice President to become President?  
    • Answer: John Adams (1897)
    • 3.    Who was the first Vice President to succeed to the Presidency because the President died in office?  _________________________
    • Answer: John Tyler (1841).  He succeeded Old Tippecanoe, William Henry Harrsion.  (Their 1840 campaign slogan was “Tippacanoe and Tyler too.”)
    • 4.    How many Presidents previously served as Vice President?  _____  * 
    • Answer: 12: John Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Tyler, Andrew Johnson, Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, George H.W. Bush
    • 5.    How many U.S. Presidents previously had served both as governor of a state and U.S ambassador or counsel to a foreign nation?  _____  *
    • Answer: 4 - Monroe, Jackson, Tyler, Andrew Johnson
    • 6.    What was the name of the first Vice President of:
    • a.    Abraham Lincoln? Answer:  Hannibal Hamlin
    • b.      Franklin D. Roosevelt?  Answer:  John Nance Garner
    • 7.    Who is the only former U.S. President to have been elected to Congress (either House or Senate)?  Answer:  John Quincy Adams
    • 8.    How many men have served as U.S. President?  ________  *
    • Answer: 43  (Although Obama is known as the 44th President, that numbering requires counting Grover Cleveland twice as the only U.S. President to be elected to non-consecutive terms.)
    • 9.      Which incumbent President announced during the speech accepting his party’s nomination for another term that he was calling Congress back into special session? Answer:  Truman.  After reciting pledges made that year in the Republican Oarty Platform, Truman told the Democratic Convention:
    • “My duty as President requires that I use every means within my power to get the laws the people need on matters of such importance and urgency.
      “I am therefore calling this Congress back into session July 26th.
      “On the 26th day of July, which out in Missouri we call "Turnip Day," I am going to call that Congress back and ask them to pass laws to halt rising prices, to meet the housing crisis--which they are saying they are for in their platform.”
    • (“On the 25th of July, plant your turnips, wet or dry” (old Missouri saying).  In 1948 July 25th fell on a Sunday, so President Truman called the special session for July 26).
    • 10.  Which President was sworn in by an oath administered by his own father?  Coolidge. 
    • 11.  What was the most recent year in which both the Democratic and Republican parties held their national convention in the same city?   Answer: 1972   What was the city:  Answer:  Miami Beach.  The Republican Convention was moved from its previously selected site San Diego to Miami Beach because of a scandal involving ITT Corporation, the owner of Sheraton Hotels, which had a hotel in San Diego.   
    • 12.  Who is buried in Grant’s tomb? Answer:  Ulysses and Julia Grant   (Possible bonus point)
    • How many times did the Republican Party nominate Richard M. Nixon for either President or Vice President?  ________*  Answer: 5 - 1952, 1956, 1960, 1968, & 1972.
    • 13.  Since 1901, how many Vice Presidential candidates have been younger than Paul Ryan?  ____________*  Answer:  3 - FDR (1920), Nixon (1952), & Quayle (1988)
    • 14.  In 2012, how many candidates appeared in the first televised debate for the Republican presidential nomination?  ____________*
    • Answer:  9 - Pawlenty, Hunstsman, Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Paul, Santorum, Perry, & Bachmann
    • Since 1951, how many times has a Republican presidential candidate who won the general election failed to carry in the electoral college the state where the Republican Convention was held?  _________*  Answer: 2 - 2000 (G.W. Bush), Philadelphia, PA; 2004 (G.W. Bush)  New York, NY.
    • 15.  While George Washington is known as “the father of his country,” which President sired the most legitimate children? Answer:  Tyler - 17**
    • 16.  Who is the only President whose remains are interred in Washington, D.C.?
    • Answer: Woodrow Wilson’ grave is in the nave of the Washington National Cathedral.
    • 17.  Which President appeared before the Continental Congress in Annapolis in 1783 to resign his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army? 
    • Answer: Washington

    Correct answer gets 2 points.  If no correct answer, nearest number gets 1 point. 

    ** [From Wikipedia] With his two wives, Tyler fathered more children than any other President in history.  His first wife was Letitia Christian Tyler (November 12, 1790 – September 10, 1842), who died in the White House and with whom he sired eight children:

    1.    Mary Tyler (1815–1847)

    2.    Robert Tyler (1816–1877)

    3.    John Tyler, Jr. (1819–1896)

    4.    Letitia Tyler Semple (1821–1907)

    5.    Elizabeth Tyler (1823–1850)

    6.    Anne Contesse Tyler (1825-1825)

    7.    Alice Tyler (1827–1854)

    8.    Tazewell Tyler (1830–1874)

    Tyler’s second wife was Julia Gardiner Tyler (July 23, 1820 – July 10, 1889), with whom he had seven children:

    1.    David Gardiner Tyler (1846–1927)

    2.    John Alexander Tyler (1848–1883)

    3.    Julia Gardiner Tyler Spencer (1849–1871)

    4.    Lachlan Tyler (1851–1902)

    5.    Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853–1935)

    6.    Robert Fitzwalter Tyler (1856–1927)

    7.    Pearl Tyler (1860–1947)

    As of 2012, two of Tyler’s grandchildren were still alive: Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr. (b.1924), and Harrison Ruffin Tyler (b. 1928). Harrison Tyler maintains the family home, "Sherwood Forest” which John Tyler acquired in 1842.  Purported at 300 feet to be the longest frame house in the United States, Sherwood Forest sits on a James River plantation, near Charles City, VA.

  • 14 Aug 2012 7:11 AM | Anonymous

    BCYC’s Annual Lobster Feast Weekend was August 11-12 at Wally and Molly Stone's residence and dock on Crab Creek off the South River.  Fifty members attended for a menu of Lobsters, Prime Rib, fresh corn on the cob, salads, and desserts, preceded by member-created appetizers.  A flip-flop-and-drop breakfast followed Sunday morning.  

    August 25th the Club held a raft up before the Labor Day cruise September 1-3 at the Miles River Yacht Club, St. Michaels, for food and fellowship.   A mid-week anchor out is scheduled September 12th and a water rendezvous on the 22nd.  Join us for an active Fall of boating and social events.  See details at

  • 13 Aug 2012 1:11 PM | John Yates (Administrator)
    As some of you know, Madi and John move to Oxford from Princeton full time on August 15th.  If you are in the neighborhood please do stop by and say hello - 228 South Street next to the Wesleyan Church.

  • 25 Jul 2012 11:31 AM | Anonymous

    BCYC completed their Annual Cruise in late June and held a number of events in July with more planned for August.   A July 4th celebration was cancelled due to the intense June 29th storm and loss of power in Annapolis.   Another venue, the Eastern Shore, had a number of boats visit the Rhode River on the 5th, and Miles River Yacht Club on the 6th and 7th.   On July 21st a raft up was held on the Wye River with a fresh crab dinner ashore. 

     A group also attended “Dames at Sea” July 27th for a tap-happy, Navy-crazy musical at the CTA Theatre Complex in Annapolis with dinner beforehand at the Broadneck Grill . 

    The Club’s Annual Lobster Feast Weekend was held August 11-12 at Wally and Molly Stone's, shoreside residence on Crab Creek off the South River.  A flip-flop-and drop breakfast followed the next morning.  August 25th will be another raft up before the Labor Day weekend September 1-3, with a crab feast on the 2nd. 

    Join us and learn about our upcoming events at

  • 12 Jun 2012 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    The Club’s Annual Cruise started June 16th on Whitehall Bay, where Candy/Ben Wilson delivered baskets of Roast Beef and Ham sliders, British cheeses, and treats and sweets to the over 50 members participating on some 24 boats consistent with the cruise’s British Flair theme. 

    The next day, a Circle Raft was formed at Eagle Cove by Raft Master and Fleet Captain, John Yates, near Gibson Island.  Karen and Bill Kranzer provided Champagne with strawberries and caviar dip, Coronation chicken with rice salad, and a Birthday cake to all. 

    Harriett Lytle/Linda Gabriel hosted the next day’s British Music Invasion – sharing Salty, Savory & Sweet Goodie Bags, providing appetizers, snacks, and sweets along with a portion of Pimm's, a drinkable British favorite while members tested their British musical knowledge of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Herman's Hermits, in a musical trivia competition. 

    The cruise then crossed to Great Oaks Landing on the Eastern Shore for a BVI's Beach Party at the sandy entrance by Jellyfish Joel’s Beach where Brenda/Ray Blake and Gail/Bob Higginbotham provided appetizers of BVI Caribbean Shrimp & Pineapple Skewers and Beef Skewers, and a dinner of Grilled Jerk Chicken, Curried Rice with Coconut and Pineapple, Salad, and a special British Dessert all to the beat of Reggae Caribbean music and British Rock Band Oldie Goldies. 

    On Wednesday, June 20, Pam/John Loving celebrated the British Golf Open experience with a 6 hole Golf Scramble.  An Awards Ceremony came at dinner on the Marina’s covered-deck featuring Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash. 

    Thursday, boats traveled to Haven Harbor Marina for pre-Olympic Games hosted by Shay/Guy Collins, featuring a dinner of pulled pork and marinated chicken, Malibu salad, Hollywood Potato salad, coleslaw, tomato w/mozzarella cheese and basil with a desert of Peach Cobbler. 

    Austin Powers' British Invasion was observed Friday, led by Commodore Steve Bacon with a dinner of Chilled Shrimp and Mixed Antipasti Appetizer followed by Braised Brisket of Beef in Cabernet Reduction, Mixed Seasonal Roasted Veggies, Smashed Red Potatoes and Peas, finishing with an English Berry Trifle. 

    The last day, having traveled to the Chesapeake Yacht Club on the West River, Elizabeth Szollosi, Peter Holzinger, and John Yates hosted dousing of the Olympic Flame around the Club’s Fire Pit, a fitting end to the 8-day cruise. 

    On July 4th, an Old Fashioned Picnic will be held at Jan and Ruth Cort's B&B in Annapolis to watch the evening’s fireworks.  Come join us.  Check BCYC out at and enjoy the fun.

  • 05 Jun 2012 1:10 PM | Anonymous

    The Club’s Memorial Weekend Cruise, May 26 – 28, provided great weather, good boating, and enjoyable food to celebrate the start of the Summer Boating Season at the Chesapeake Yacht Club, Shady Side, Maryland.   Swimming, an outside bar, happy hour appetizers, picnics, cookouts, and dinner in the Club restaurant, provided an outstanding experience for the weekend.  The boating both down to the West River and back to Annapolis provided great conditions to enjoy being on the water.  The Club had its own tent area for the weekend, lawn space for bocce ball, and an enthusiastic “show and tell” where members presented 37 of their favorite Tools and Gadgets, ranging from special function boating tools, unique kitchen utensils, to the latest in cell phone boating apps., that provided a most useful sharing experience.  Next is the Club’s Annual Cruise on the Chesapeake starting June 16-23, part anchoring out and part at favorite destinations on both sides of the Bay.  Starting in White Hall Bay and moving to a Dobbins Island Raft Up will start off the Cruise before crossing to the Eastern Shore.  Come join us.  Check BCYC out at and enjoy the fun.

  • 12 May 2012 12:31 PM | Anonymous

    BCYC had a great Memorial Weekend Cruise, May 26th – 28th to the Chesapeake Yacht Club, Shady Side, Maryland, for a traditional Memorial Day weekend of patriotic activities, games, sunning at the Club’s pool, drinks at the outdoor bar, a tent area with tables, horseshoes, and plenty of lawn space for bocce ball along with some great meals at the Chesapeake Yacht Club’s outstanding restaurant. 

    Saturday started with Happy Hour Appetizers around the Fire Pit, with most adjourning to dinner in the Club Dining room.  On Sunday morning, members held a “show and tell” sharing their favorite Tools and Gadgets, to explain and demonstrate their use.  This was followed by a Memorial Day Picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, rolls, sides, ice tea & lemonade and dessert. 

     Next on the Club schedule is the Club’s Annual Cruise on the Chesapeake the week of June 16-23.   Part anchoring out and part at destinations of delight, on both sides of the Bay, the Club’s Circle Raft will be a high-point of the first weekend.  Come join us.  Check BCYC out at and enjoy the fun.

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